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NPO法人 留学協会とは

NPO法人 留学協会は、2003年5月に内閣府より認証を受け、留学業の健全な育成と発展に資するために発足した非営利活動法人(NPO)です。


What is Ryugaku Kyokai?

NPO ” Ryugaku Kyokai (Study Abroad Support Council)” is a specified nonprofit organization (NPO) certified by the Cabinet Office, May 2003. With an increase in the number of students who study abroad, the number of students who get involved in difficulties has also increased. Experts in various fields, such as lawyers and advisers will support the students in their fulfillment of their study abroad program. We aim at the development of human resources who can contribute to the international society through these activities.

<1> Consultation for studying abroad(free)
1.Study abroad advisory center Every Wednesday 16:00~18:00(Book in Advance)
2.Advisory center for issues faced while studying abroad Every Monday 11:00~14:00(Book in Advance)
3.10 sites available for the consultation service: Tokyo, Nagano, Osaka, Nagoya, Okayama, Kanazawa, Ehime, Fukuoka, Los Angels and Canada

<2> Training and guidance for study abroad advisors
Ryugaku Kyokai takes charge of the qualification exam for those who have sufficient knowledge and experience of studying abroad. We provide them with the qualification and the training to become new Ryugaku Kyokai-Certified-Advisers (RCA) who can help students in their studying abroad. Currently, there are 1154 RCAs support students worldwide.
1.Qualification Exams twice a year
2.Selling RCA textbooks
3.The Activities of the RCA Club
4.To give examples of potential hazards faced while abroad

<3> Workshops (Seminars)
1.Seminars about studying abroad for educational institutions, such as primary schools, junior high schools, high schools, colleges and universities
2.Pre-departure orientation for students studying abroad
3.Supportive training for international students to get a job in Japanese companies
4.Implementation of intercultural meeting between Japanese students and international students
5.Implementation of Seminars about studying abroad

<4> Send and receive information on studying abroad for students
1.Sending Regular Email Newsletter
2.Sending Information from our website (

Ryugaku Kyokai is a volunteering organization supported by people who agree with our activities. For example, companies and organizations pay for membership fee and individual supporters donate to our activities.

 为了留学生“放心安全地留学”

留学协会(Study Abroad Support Council)是什么?

1. 留学咨询和纠纷咨询(免费)
2. 举办留学顾问考试(1年2回),顾问培养及指导
3. 举办进修会(研讨会)
4. 工作假期支持中心

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